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Wonder Woman Plate Transmog Set

By Roger, May 4, 2016

Just imagine you are walking around in Azeroth looking like Wonder Woman! People turning their heads and whispering. You just look simply awesome and like a super hero at the same time. It’s actually possible to create a Wonder Woman Plate Transmog Set and we will help you to get this cool and sexy plate set, so you can slay people in Battle Grounds while running around as Wonder Woman. You can also get some buddies to dress up as Batman or Robin and create a super hero team.

Happy Superhero plate gear hunting transmoggers!

Armor Type: Plate
Max Level Req.: 70
Availability: Plate Only

How to get the Wonder Woman Plate Transmog Set:

This cool Wonder Woman Plate Transmog Set uses 2 items from the Warlord’s plate set.
It is one of the hardest sets to obtain, but when you got it you will be one of the coolest Plate wearers in Azeroth!

Items needed for the Wonder Woman Plate Transmog Set:

Head – Templar Crown
This Head piece is a really cool match for the Wonder Woman Plate Transmog Set. It is a hard item to obtain. It drops from Rare mobs in Sillithus and Blasted Lands, so you need to hunt, not only for the item, but also for the mobs; Gretheer and Karapax two rares in Sillithus. You can also try to hunt down Mojo the Twisted in Blasted Lands.
Because of the low drop rate and the Rare mobs, you need to keep an eye out on the Auction House at all times, maybe you can pick them up for a good price.

Shoulders – Warlord’s Iron-Epaulets
These really cool and unique shoulders are perfect for the Wonder Woman Transmog Set. We believe it’s unique because one of the shoulder pads is smashed in, that looks awesome! And it fits in perfectly with the rest of the Wonder Woman Plate Set.
Because of the uniqueness of these shoulders it has a really low drop rate, a lot of mobs can drop the shoulders but the drop rate is only 1%.
The best chance to obtain the Warlord’s Iron-Epaulets is in Blade’s Edge Mountains look for the mob Obsidia. As always with low drop rate items always keep an eye out on the Auction House!

Chest – Warlord’s Iron-Breastplate
Now for the first item from the Warlord’s set,, the chest. The chest is a really cool peace. It can be used in many wow transmog sets so a must have item when you are wearing plate and are in to transmogging.
Blade’s Edge Mountains is the place to farm this amazing red peace of armor, Bash’ir’s Harbinger a level 72 Elite is the best choice to farm this item, Bash’irs Landing you need to be at, after using the Proton Accelerator with an Accelerator Module.

Here are some mobs that can drop the Breastplate also, all in Blade’s Edge Mountains:
Apexis Guardian

Gloves – Banshee’s Touch
Woot! Finally an item that is not that hard to obtain, these great looking gloves are a drop from Baroness Anastari the first Boss after the Service Gate in Stratholme.
With an eleven pro cent drop rate it will be a few runs to get these gloves, but remember you can reset an instance ten times a  hour.

Waist – Glorious Belt
The Glorious belt is yet again an low drop rate item but in general this belt is on the Auction House almost every day.
It is off course an item from the Glorious plate set, one of the best looking plate sets in wow. So if you already got the Glorious set you are in luck, if not.. then this is you’re first item 2 fly’s in 1 slap.
If you are not lucky enough to buy it from the Auction House then the best spot to farm this item is Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ20) is a 20-man outdoor raid dungeon located in southern Silithus, look for Silicate Feeder’s happy hunting!

Legs – Vanguard Legplates
Next up, the legplates, it is an item from the Glorious plate Recolor set and is a really good match for the wonder woman look alike transmog set.
These legplates are a random world drop, so  really hard to farm. Best chance is the Auction House, when they are not for sale you can try the mob Setis in Sillithus this mob has the most percentage drop rate.

Feet – Bloodforged Sabatons
From the Bloodforged plate set these boots are a perfect match, but really hard to obtain. A World Drop with a low drop rate chance, so the place to be is the Auction House.
When they are not on the Auction House you can try to farm the Lavawalker Greaves a similar look item but not a perfect match for the wonder woman mog set we believe.
Lavawalker Greaves are a drop from Maleki the Pallid in Stratholme the 3rd Boss after the Service Gate with an eleven %  drop chance on normal mode.

And now for the Weapons:

You can go for a lot of cool one hand swords, just search the Auction House and you will find a lot of good matches.

Mainhand – Azuresong Mageblade
We believe the Azuresong Mageblade is a great match, it is a drop from Golemagg the Incinerator the seventh Boss in Molten Core located beyond Blackrock Depths in the deepest part of Blackrock Mountain, Molten Core is a 40-man raid instance.
The cool thing is that a lot of transmog gear can be obtained in Molten Core so when the sword does not drop there is a good chance that an other item will drop what you can use for transmogging!

Off- hand –  Overlord’s Shield
A really cool looking shield that fits perfectly with the wonder woman plate transnmog set. And off course like most of the items from this set a low drop rate item. The best chance to obtain this shield is Vanilla dungeons like Stratholme,Blackrock Depths Sunken Temple these are all dungeons in the 48-55 level range.
( oh yeah: Auction House!! )

Off- hand – Malistar’s Defender
You can also go for the Malistar’s Defender a really cool looking shield as well and will match the set almost as good as the Overlord’s Shield. It is a drop from Ragnaros, the lats Boss in Molten Core with a 19% drop rate.

Happy Farming!

Below can see how the Wonder Woman plate transmog set looks on all all classes:


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