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Sparkling Green Cloth Set

By Roger, July 11, 2014

A Sparkling Green Cloth set based on the Arachnidian Robes, one of the most beautiful dresses out there.  Most parts of this set are pretty easy to obtain, so lets get started!

Armor Type: Cloth
Max Level Req.:  90
Availability: Cloth only

How to get the set:
This Sparkling Green Cloth Set includes 2 pieces of the Arachnidian cloth set, you will either need to farm them or spend some gold at the Auction House to get them. The rest of the set is fairly easy to obtain, the shoulders are an quest reward and the gloves and off hand are crafted. The waist and mainhand sword  are items from LFR so you have to be a bit lucky there or look for different options.

But remember, because some of the items are hard to obtain, you will be the most sparkling mage, priest or warlock on your server!

Items needed for the Sparkling Green Cloth Set:

Head – None
This Sparkling Green Cloth Set does not need a head piece, so turn that off in the interface option.

ShouldersLightning Infused Mantle
You can obtain these shoulders from a Quest called Diametrically Opposed it starts at Stormherald Eljrrin, you will find him in the Halls of Lightning. He wants you to defeat Volkhan, the third boss. This is a must have for your Sparkling Green Cloth Set.

Chest – Arachnidian Robes
A very hard to obtain robe, but definitely worth it, a general drop rate of 0.01%. It is a drop from various mobs in Silithus and Dire Maul. Look for Twilight Geolord’s in Silithus and Gordok Brute’s in Dire Maul. Always keep an eye out on the Auction House. They are a bit expensive, about 10.000 gold, you’d think Versace had a hand in making this robe. But they are so worth it! These sparkling robes use the teal variant of the “Horde C1 Robe” artwork. Unlike most artwork sets, this set only has art for the robes.

Gloves – Windwool Gloves
This item can be crafted by a tailor and is pretty easy to obtain if you have a tailoring friend. All you need is 4 Bolts of windwool Cloth (20 windwool Cloth) to craft these Gloves.

Waist – Sash of the Last Guardian
This item drops in the Siege of Orgrimmar LFR, from the third boss. You must aid Norushen in defeating the Amalgam of Corruption.

Feet – Arachnidian Footpads
The best chance to get these Footpads is in Winterspring. Look for Ice Thistle Patriarch’s and Suffering Highborne’s and keep in mind that this item has a low drop rate. You might find it on the Auction House with an average buyout of 900 gold.

Mainhand – Loshan, Terror Incarnate
This is a great looking one-hand sword and we believe it matches the sparkling green cloth set beautifully. Cache of Tsulong can contain the sword, this object can be found in Terrace of Endless Spring LFR. This weapon is worn on the player’s hip.

Off- hand –  Inscribed Jade Fan
Another perfect match for the set a lovely paper hand fan. This item can be crafted by Inscription (560) and you need the following items to craft the Inscribed Jade Fan:
First u need to craft a Inscribed Fan also made made by Inscription.
You’ll need Light Parchment 1x Ink of Dreams 5x and 1 Spirit of Harmony.
When u got the Inscribed Fan then u can make the Inscribed Jade Fan.
You’ll need the following items:
Inscribed Fan, Starlight Ink 3x and Scroll of wisdom 5x.

Below you will find all classes with the Sparkling Green Cloth Set look:

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