Shiny Silver Mail Transmog Set Blood Elf

Shiny Silver Mail Set

By Roger, October 10, 2015

This shiny silver mail set is just stunning, and really sexy if you play a female character. Next to that it just looks really cool if you play a male character. Because of the shiny silver looks it’s one of a kind. You will definately turn heads when you are wearing this set! Make your killing blows in in Battle Grounds in a stunning shiny set!

Armor Type: Mail
Max Level Req.:  69
Availability: Mail Hunter / Shaman

How to get the set:
This Shiny Silver set is extremely rare and will take time and effort to obtain. You need to visit some level 70 Raids which is great, because you can pick up loads of transmog gear in old skool content.
This silver mail set uses 3 items from the Bonelink Armor set (Magnificent Mail) and a few World drop items. So if you want to complete this set, be ready to spend a lot of time farming or be willing to spend a big amount gold on the auction house.
You won’t need a head item so at least that’s one less item to farm.

Items needed for this mail set:

Shoulders – Ancient Pauldrons
These shoulders are a world drop so really hard to obtain, the best place as alwyas with low drop rate items, is the Achtion House. If they are not on the auction house you can try and farm the Tomb Reaver’s,Skeletal Summoner’s and Boneflayer Ghoul’s in Razorfen Downs, a low level dungeon (level 42-45) in Thousand Needles.

Chest – Bonelink Armor
The silver Bonelink Armor chest has an extremely low drop rate, the best chance to farm this item is Zul’Farrak, a low level dungeon (level 46-49) in northwestern Tanaris.
The up side is that in ZF, a lot of cool transmog items can drop so you will get great items every run to transmog youre self or to make some people in youre guild  happy with your loot.
And don’t forget always check the Auction House!!

Gloves – Bonelink Gauntlets
Same story with the chest piece, a low drop rate item so take a look on the Auction House every day. To farm the gauntlets you need to go to Razorfen Downs in Thousand Needles a low level dungeon (level 42-45)
and look especially for Tomb Reaver’s, Skeletal Summoner’s and Freezing Spirit’s.
Keep on grinding, the Gauntlets will drop eventually!

Waist – Girdle of Gale Force
The belt is an item form the Elements Recolor set and is a world drop. it can drop in level 70 Raids like Black Temple, Karazhan, Hyjal Summit and Magisters’ Terrace. The Girdle can drop in Outland as well.
The cool thing is that in all those level 70 Raids the transmog gear is amazing so you will get some pieces for other transmog sets also.

Legs – Elemental Rockridge Leggings
These sexy (on female character’s) legs are amazing, and the great thing is it will be easy to obtain! It is a drop from Princess Theradras the last Boss in Maraudon. With a seventeen percent drop chance! Maraudon is a system of caverns located in the Valley of Spears, east of Shadowprey Village in Desolace a level 33-36 Dungeon.

Feet – Bonelink Sabatons
The last form the 3 pieces of the Bone link Armor items are the boots.
You can farm these boots in Dire Maul, Razorfen Downs and in Tanaris.
Dire Maul is a level 44-47 dungeon located in Feralas and Razorfen Downs is is the capital of the quilboar, hidden within brambles and tunnels in Thousand Needles a level 42-45 Dungeon. The best and the fastest way to get these great looking boots is….The Auction House!

The Weapons (some suggestions we believe look great with this set)

Mainhand HunterStriker’s Mark
This great looking bow is a drop from Magmadar the second Boss in Molten Core whit a 22 % drop rate.

Main hand Shaman – Royal Scepter of Terenas II
Royal Scepter of Terenas II is a drop from the Lich King 25 Normal.

Off- hand Shaman –  Hulking Shield
Hulking Shield, look on the auction house for this great looking shield.

Below you will find all classes with the Shiny Silver look:


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