Red China Plate Set Tauren

Red China Plate Set

By Roger, June 30, 2014

This Red China Plate Set is the Bloodforged Plate set mixed in with great matching shoulder, a cloak and a brutal looking two-handed Axe. This set has a very nice Asian type pattern, with a main red color and golden rims and lines on the side. The shoulders and helm have big dragon teeth to finish off our Red China Plate Set, which makes it more robust than the original Bloodforged Plate set.

Armor Type: Plate
Max Level Req.:  90
Availability: Paladin/Warrior/Death Knight

How to get the set:
This set is hard to obtain, all the items have a very low drop rate and 3 items are crafted by Blacksmithing.

Items needed for the Red China Plate Set:

Head – Runic Plate Helm

Crafted by Blacksmithing, you will have to go through some trouble to get the mats.

30 x Thorium Bar
2 x Arcanite Bar
2 x Truesilver Bar
1 x Huge Emerald

Shoulders – Ragesteel Shoulders
Crafted by Blacksmithing, the mats are easier to obtain then those of the head.

12 x Fel Iron Bar
2 x Primal Fire
8 x Khorium Bar
2 x Scroll of Strenght V

Back – Ravager’s Cloak
This cloak drops from various mobs in vanilla areas, best change for it to drop is from the Warpwood Crushers and Fel Lashes in Dire Maul, but it is always easier to keep an eye out on the Action House.

Chest – Bloodforged Chestpiece
Drops from various mobs, best change is in Winterspring look for Ice Thistle Yeti’s and Ice Thistle Matriarch. The best place to farm this… the AH.

Gloves – Bloodforged Gauntlets
Best chance to get the Gauntlets is in Zul’Farrak a Troll city located in northwestern part in Tanaris it’s a Level 46-49 Dungeon. And remember to always keep an eye out on the Auction House.

Waist – Bloodforged Belt
A few rare’s and elite’s drop this belt, you’ll have the best drop chance in Felwood. Look for Needle (coords 51.0,34.2) a Rare Spider. And here we thought Needle was the name of a sword in Game of Thrones.
Also check the Auction House regularly.

Legs – Bloodforged Legplates
Winterspring and Felwood are the best locations to get these legs, look for Suffering Highborne’s around the middle frozen lake and Deadwood Shamans in Felwood near Timbermaw Hold. Do not forget to farm the AH.

Feet Bloodforged Sabatons
Dropped by various mobs, best change is killing Panicking Worker’s in Felwood and Sandfury Guardian’s in Zul’Farrak. It is so hard to get you might choose to farm gold and just buy it at the AH.


Two hand – Nightfall
A brutal looking two-handed Axe unmissable in this Red China Plate Set. It is crafted with Blacksmithing. The 10 Arcanite bars will give you some trouble.

8 x Lava Core
5 x Fiery Core
10x Arcanite Bar
10x Dar Iron Bar
4 x Huge Emerald

Below you will find all classes with the Red China Plate Set:

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