Ironforge Mountaineer Mail Set

Ironforge Mountaineer Mail Set

By Roger, June 13, 2014

This is the mail version for the Ironforge Mountaineer which works best on a male dwarf. The Ironforge Mountaineer set is a classic look and you will fit right in around in the Dun Morogh and Loch Modan areas.

Armor Type: Mail
Max Level Req.:  78
Availability: Mail items, works best on a male dwarf character.

How to get the set:
The Ironforge Mountaineer set contains mainly of BoE greens, it’s for you to decide to do a couple of classic dungeon runs, or to buy your items at the AH. If you run the dungeons make sure to bring empty bags so you can sell the greenies you don’t need.

Items needed for the Ironforge Mountaineer Mail Set:

Head – Wicked Chain Helmet
This is a BoE world drop from level 30 to 35 mobs. Try to get this item from the auction house. This helmet is available in many other colors. The best drop chance is from Mauraudon mobs.

Shoulders – Virulent Spaulders
This item is created with leatherworking. You’ll need 12 Heavy Borean Leather and 2 Eternal Fire and your friendly leatherworking friend.

Back – Ivycloth Cloak
The perfect Ironforge Mountaineer cape. A BoE world drop from level 22 to level 25 mobs. But better to obtain it trough the Auction House since the highest drop chance is 5%.

Chest – Pythas’ Vest
Quest in the Wailing Caverns (A/H)
This chest is also part of the  Demon-Forged Mail Recolor transmog set. And goes by many names. It can be obtained trough Alliance or Horde Quests, or can be created with Blacksmithing. The Wailing Cavern quest is the easiest way. Unless you finished that one already, then you’d better check Wowhead.

Bracers – Phalanx Bracers
Another BoE world drop from level 25 – 32 mobs. Best to find this item on the Auction House.

Gloves – Marauder’s Gauntlets
BoE world drop from level 33 – 44 mobs. Another item you can get at the Auction House.

Waist – Champion’s Girdle
BoE world drop from level 33 – 44 mobs but, better just get it at the Auction House.

Legs – Mail Combat Leggings
As an Ironforge Mountaineer you’ll need you combat leggings.  BoE world drop from level 33 – 37 mobs or get it at the Auction House.

Feet – Banded Boots
BoE world drop from level 25 – 32 mobs or get it at the AH.

Mainhand – Hunter’s Muzzle Loader
To top it off, you’ll need a good looking and classic gun. This gun is just a suggestion. There are many different great models out there. So just look around at the AH for some great looking green guns.

Shirt – Brown Linen Shirt
The most fashionable choice for the perfect Ironforge Mountaineer. Created with tailoring.

Below you will find the female dwarf and other races Ironforge Mountaineer look:

Ironforge Mountaineer Mail Set on other races

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