Ironforge Mountaineer Leather Dwarf Set

Green Ironforge Mountaineer Leather Transmog Set

By Linda, June 26, 2014

This is the Green version of the Ironforge Mountaineer it is a leather set. It’s looks great on dwarves but it’s also a lot of fun to use with other races. Below you will find the transmog gear suggestions to create your very own Ironforge Mountaineer. They patrol and protect the great gates into Searing Gorge, the roads of Dun Morogh, Loch Modan and are very useful when you are looking for directions to various locations in Kharanos, Thelsamar, and Ironforge.

And if you buy a pretty Swift White Ram, you will look exactly like a Mounted Ironforge Mountaineer, they patrol the Dun Morogh airfield and the dwarven farm below.

Armor Type: Leather
Max Level Req.: 70
Availability: Leather only transmog set

How to get the Green Ironforge Mountaineer Leather Transmog Set:
This version is not very hard to get. Some items are harder then others and will require some of your time. If you are going for the extreme authentic look you can remove the shoulder-pads from the equation.

Items needed for this set:

Head – Eldr’naan Hood
You can get this from the auction house, or from various level 64-70 Outland mobs.

Shoulders – Archer’s Shoulderpads
This drops from various level 30-37 mobs, best chance is from rares in Dustwallow Marsh or Western Plaguelands. Or just get it at the AH.

Back – Ivycloth Cloak
Another green item you can either get at the AH or grind yourself. It drops from level 25-28 mobs.

Chest – Fungus Shroud Armor
A BoE item that drops from Meshlok the Harvester, this is a rare elite that can be found in Mauradon.
Or you can try to get the Lifewarden’s Breastplate this is obtained from a quest in Netherstorm.

Shirt – Green Linen Shirt
Created with tailoring I’m sure the AH will be packed with pretty green shirts and if not, this item only requires tailoring level 70 so it is easy to level and create with an alt.

– Adventurer’s Gloves
Another easy to get BoE item, just check the AH, or grind it yourself. It drops from level 60 to 63 mobs.

Waist – Sentinel Girdle
Another BoE green item dropped by level 36 to 38 mobs. Best drop chance from rares. Or just get it at the Auction House. Fun fact, this belt is also worn by the Orgrimmar Grunts.

Legs – Nomad’s Leggings
If you are revered with the consortium in Netherstorm it will only cost you about 33 gold. If you’re not, then you either have to grind the rep or look for an alternative pants.

Feet – Adventurer’s Boots
And yet another greenie. I’ll bet you will be spending a lot of time at the Auction House. Or go have fun in some old Vanilla instances and raids like Molten Core or BLackwing Lair.

Mainhand – Enchanted Battlehammer
A nice big mace to finish the set. It is created with blacksmiting and requires a lot of mats. You can also try to go for the BoE Ragehammer or the Hammer of the Grand Crusader which is easyer to get an drops from Balnazzar in Stratholme.

Below you will find all classes with the Green Ironforge Mountaineer Leather look:

ironforge-mountaineer-leather-worgen Ironforge Mountaineer Leather Undead Set Ironforge Mountaineer Green Leather Troll Set Ironforge Mountaineer Tauren Leather Transmog Set Ironforge Mountaineer Green Leather Transmog Set  Pandaren Funny Ironforge Mountaineer Orc Version Green Leather Set

Night Elf as a Ironforge Mountaineer Leather Transmog Set

ironforge-mountaineer-leather-human Green Goblin Ironforge Mountaineer Leather Set Ironforge Mountaineer Gnome Version Leather Green Set Green Ironforge Mountaineer Leather Draenei Set Ironforge Mountaineer Leather Blood Elf Set

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