wonder woman plate Human set

Wonder Woman Plate Transmog Set

May 4, 2016

Just imagine you are walking around in Azeroth looking like Wonder Woman! People turning their heads and whispering. You just look simply awesome and like a super hero at the same time. It’s actually possible to create a Wonder Woman Plate Transmog Set and we will help you to get this cool and sexy plate set, so you can slay people […]

batman plate warrior paladin human

Batman Transmog Plate Set

July 2, 2014

Bang! Pow! Zap! It’s a Batman Transmog Plate Set! This superhero mog set is created with a couple of cool black plate items. Can you imagine it is actually hard to find those pure black items in the game? We’ve seen various Batman versions out there that combine leather, mail and plate, but then you […]

Red China Plate Set Tauren

Red China Plate Set

June 30, 2014

This Red China Plate Set is the Bloodforged Plate set mixed in with great matching shoulder, a cloak and a brutal looking two-handed Axe. This set has a very nice Asian type pattern, with a main red color and golden rims and lines on the side. The shoulders and helm have big dragon teeth to […]