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Blue Delight Leather Transmog Set

By Roger, August 19, 2014

This Blue Delight Leather Transmog Set is a very sexy set for the daring rogues, monks and druids among us. Dazzle your enemies when they notice a blue blur Sprint, Roll or Dash by and leave them behind stunned… figuratively and literally.

Armor Type: Leather
Max Level Req.: 85
Availability: Leather only transmog set for Druids, Rogues and Monks.

How to obtain the Blue Delight Leather Transmog Set:
This Blue Leather Transmog Set has a view pieces that will be pretty hard to obtain. It has 3 items from the  Nocturnal Garb (Recolor) set which are harder to obtain. You will need to farm or buy these items from the Auction House.

The rest of the set is easy, you’ll need 1650 Justice Points, kill some Bosses in Heroic mode that have easy high drop rates and have your legs crafted by a leatherworker.

As for the weapons, the sky is the limit! If you’re a Rogue you will find a lot of daggers that are available with a blue color or shiny glow. When you are a Monk, you can go for some amazing swords. For Druids there are a few Polearms and Staves that will match this set perfectly! So go nuts!

Items needed for the Blue Delight Leather Transmog Set:

Head – Ragefury Eyepatch
You can either go with a head item or choose the option ‘Show Helm off’ from the interface, display options with this cool Blue Rogue / Monk / Druid Set. We think this eyepatch has a great look, but you can easily go for the Cursed Vision of Sargeras or several other cool looking Head Items.The Eyepatch is a drop from Hurley Blackbreath, he is the 10th Boss in Blackrock Depths. A level 53-56 Dungeon in Contested Territory Blackrock Mountain.

Shoulders – Mantle of the Unforgiven
These Shoulders are part of the Bloodfang Armor (Recolor) and are a great match. The shoulders drop from Nexus-Prince Shaffar in the Mana-Tombs Heroic with a 15% drop rate.

Chest – Trickster’s Vest
This is he first item that you need to farm or be lucky enough you can buy it from the Auction House. The AH price ranges from 500 to 800 gold. The vest has a low drop rate. The best mobs to kill are;
The Rot, a rare in Dustwallow Marsh which will drop a lot of transmoggable loot. Mana Remnants and Petrified Guardians are mobs in Dire Maul a Level 44-47 Dungeon in Feralas.

Gloves – Trickster’s Handwraps
The second item you need to farm that also has a low droprate are the handwraps. You can try to buy them from the AH, pricerange is about 400 gold. Or try and farm them yourself. A few mobs will drop this item so your best chance to loot these  amazing looking gloves are Primordial Behemoths and Subterranean Diemetradon that are found in Maraudon, a level 36-39 Dungeon in Desolace.

Waist – Trickster’s Sash
There are several belts which u can use on this set, however the best match is of course the Trickster’s Sash. Another item with a low drop rate so keep an eye out on the Auction House they have a price range of about 500 gold. The best Mobs to slay for this belt are the Subterranean Diemetradon’s in Maraudon and the Whip Lasher in Dire Maul. Good thing that you will already be in those dungeons to farm the gloves and the chest.

Legs – Warbear Woolies
A perfect match for this blue set are the Warbear Woolies, keep checking the Auction House for these Legs or ask a friendly Leatherworker to craft them for you. Note that the pricerange on the AH is 1000 to 3000 gold, so farming the mats is much cheaper.

Items needed to craft the Warbear Woolies:
24 Rugged leather
14 Warbear Leather
1 Rune Thread

The smartest thing to do is, farm the items u need to craft the Legs, most of the leatherworkers have the pattern, but not the mats to make them.

Feet – Boots of Fungoid Growth
You can buy these Boots with 1650 Justice Points from Faldren Tillsdale <Valor Quartermaster> in Storm Wind and from Jamus’Vaz <Valor Quartermaster> in Ogrimmar easy peasy!

As for the weapons, we’ve got some examples for weapons you can choose in the list below. Or just get some other weapons to your liking.

MainhandRogue  Bloodsipper
These Daggers look beautiful with this set for a Rogue, it is a drop from Blood-Queen Lana’thel in Icecrown Citadel normal 10 and Heroic 10 with a 14% drop rate.

Mainhand – Monk  Hailstorm
This sword works really good with this set if you are a Monk u can use it as a Windwalker, they look great sheathed on your back, as a Mistweaver we think its still awesome to use Hailstorm with a offhand.
This one hand sword is a drop form Malygos in The Eye of Eternity 10 man Normal Mode.

Two Hander – Druid Sonic Spear
For Druids we recommend the Sonic Spear, a perfect matching Blue Polearm. It has a 14% drop rate from Murmur in the Shadow Labyrinth a level 65-70 Dungeon in Terokkar Forest, on Normal and Heroic mode.

Below you will find how this Blue Delight Leather Transmog Set looks on all the different races:

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